7 Key benefits of
Document Digitisation and Digitised Workflows!

Why document digitisation and digitised workflows? Documents and business records that have been digitised reduce storage space, saves time in retrieval, can be shared globally, and can be more efficiently tracked for compliance.  And can be easily incorporated into a digitsed bespoke workflow interface to manage signatories, up and cross sell opportunities, day to day admin requirements and lots more.

  • Space-saving. Digitising documents eliminates the need for physical storage in desk drawers, file cabinets, cardboard boxes, and with third-party providers. Physical storage can take up a significant amount of space, which can be especially costly in urban areas.
  • Easy access and retrieval. Digital documents are automatically indexed and centrally stored, making it easy to locate specific documents quickly. Authorised users can instantly retrieve documents at any time, from anywhere, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Increased security. Digital documents can be protected with passwords and other measures, making them more secure than paper documents that can be lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Cost-effective. Digitization can reduce the cost of printing, copying, and storing physical documents. And staff spend less time keying data, shuffling paper, or retrieving documents.
  • Improved collaboration. Digital documents can be easily shared and collaborated on, making it easier for geographically dispersed teams to work together on projects and tasks.
  • Disaster recovery. Digitising documents can help protect against loss due to disasters such as fires, floods, or theft. Documents also are accessible when staff cannot get into the office.
  • Last but certainly not least a secure multiuser web base interface – all of the above can be incorporated into a bespoke web base interface to proficiently manage critical internal processes (workflows) including electronic signoffs (signatories), approval, issue solution tracking etc.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) services include:

  • Digital filing cabinet – a simple Electronic Document Storage system offering a central digital filing cabinet to store, search and retrieve your information. This can be hosted at your premises or in the cloud, dependant on your needs.
  • Workflow, automation and authorisation – workflow rules will enable your documents to be automated to go to a specific person or department.
  • Audit Trail & Version Control – control your document security and versions, this can be important for legal and contractual documentation.
  • Secure User Access – only allow authorised users to view appropriate records.
  • Reports – auto reporting and distribution.

The Process

  • Review existing processes – our document experts will review your existing paper processes and examine the best options for your electronic document management.
  • Provide a recommendation for the most suitable Electronic Document Management interface for your business.
  • Build a specification and project plan for your digital requirements, based on your current and future needs.
  • Implement your project plan working closely with your team and providing daily feedback.
  • On completion & beyond - our goal will be to become your preferred EDM service provider.

‘Going digital’ is more than just scanning documents and attaching them to a bunch of different systems. It’s about simplifying current processes and workflow and to have immediate access to a secure environment for promptly finding documents, compliance reporting, generating management reports, and peace of mind.