Document Digitalisation
also known as Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Is your business interested in managing its internal processes, compliance, reporting etc digitally? Would you like to have an online interface with secure shared access to a very efficient instrument to manage your day-to-day requirements significantly better?


Electronic Document Management (EDM) maybe the answer for you. Essentially, EDM means a central digital interface to manage your key business administrative, staffing, statutory, legal, sales & marketing requirements including sharing of documents, signing of documents, recording and storing information for reporting and future reference etc.


One of the key benefits is that the rollout can be modular supporting a structured and financially prudent phased implementation.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) services include:

  • Digital filing cabinet – a simple Electronic Document Storage system offering a central digital filing cabinet to store, search and retrieve your information. This can be hosted at your premises or in the cloud, dependant on your needs.
  • Workflow, automation and authorisation – workflow rules will enable your documents to be automated to go to a specific person or department.
  • Audit Trail & Version Control – control your document security and versions, this can be important for legal and contractual documentation.
  • Secure User Access – only allow authorised users to view appropriate records.
  • Reports – auto reporting and distribution.

The Process

  • Review existing processes – our document experts will review your existing paper processes and examine the best options for your electronic document management.
  • Provide a recommendation for the most suitable Electronic Document Management interface for your business.
  • Build a specification and project plan for your digital requirements, based on your current and future needs.
  • Implement your project plan working closely with your team and providing daily feedback.
  • On completion & beyond - our goal will be to become your preferred EDM service provider.